Orange on my mind

I was clearing off an old USB thumb drive to solve an Xbox emergency – EMERGENCY I tell you! – for my oldest son and came across a bunch of old chalk drawings from the past several years. Most were just doodles while playing outside with the kids; they joined in with many of them. Nothing overly special, just fun images that bring back memories of fun in the sun.


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New Vibrant Chalk Colors

Three Creatures

The Three Amigos

Went shopping yesterday and found a big set of vibrant sidewalk chalk… yea! No more bland pastels, at least for a while. The entire family had to try them out.

everybody dig in

Everybody dig in!

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Eat It

‘Eat It’

How come you’re always such a fussy young man? Don’t want no Captain Crunch, don’t want no Raisin Bran.

So I’m in a good mood after seeing “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert (and meeting him in person!) on Sunday. I decided to take a little inspiration from the show. Here is my take on ‘Eat It’ – oil pastels, took about an hour. Hmm… I wonder what song I should do next; so many choices.

Weird Al and Me

Yep, my childhood is now complete.

Chalk Alien and Plant

I really should avoid that oil spot.

There was finally a break in the rain today after going non-stop for the last week or two. Just enough time between running to a princess craft fair and birthday party to get in a quick chalk drawing. The newest sidewalk chalk colors were limited to a few rather bland pastels. Need to replenish our stock of vibrant colors.

Working on RAGBRAI chalk drawing

Only 2 weeks until Chalk the Walk 2013¬†and I’m starting to get excited! It’s truly going to be a family affair as the kids are going to have their own square this year. They are old pros after having helped me with last year’s square during the special Chalk the Walk event at RAGBRAI. Two of them – my oldest son (10) and daughter (5) – at any rate.

We planned our design on the car ride out. The only thing decided was that it would involve a bowl of fruit. How we came upon a bowl of fruit, I have no idea. As you can see by the pictures below, the finished composition didn’t really gel around a cohesive theme. But it sure turned out cute!

Purple Chalk Monster

Purple Chalk Monster holding Daddy (me)

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The UFOs Have Landed

Little Green Alien

“Hide the children, lock the doors, and always watch the skies – look out, here come the.. slime creatures from outer space.” Aww, he’s too cute (or stupid) to be threatening. I’m seeing Weird Al in concert this weekend and couldn’t resist quoting Slime Creatures from Outer Space for this post.

I was in a creature-drawing mood tonight, and this is where I ended up. I’m thinking a series is in order. “The UFOs have landed, and we’ll tell you where they are.” (Midnight Star – one of my faves)

Meet the Creative Floret mascot

Every site needs a mascot. Please welcome… Brock Lee? Captain Floret? Eek, I need to work on a name. It’s a first draft, perhaps better names will pop to mind later.

I started off trying to draw this by hand, but found out quickly that a broccoli floret is kind of like a rock… really hard to draw. So instead I gave a little Photoshop love to a picture of a floret. There are details I need to attend to, but I don’t mind the result.

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